ALEKO Compatible AC1400 Sliding Aleko Gate Opener

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ALEKO Compatible AC1400 Sliding Gate Opener For Sliding Gates Up to 40-Feet Long and 1400-Pounds

The Aleko Compatible gate opener is designed with a 120V AC (3/4 HP equivalent) motor, this chain driven sliding gate opener provides exceptional starting torque and continuous operation, making it ideal for most applications. Aleko Compatible Ac1400 Opens gates up to 1,400 lbs or 40 Ft in length (20 ft chain is included; if your gates more 20 ft. in length just purchase an extra chain in "Chains" section).

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  • Opens gates up to 1400 lb or 40 Ft in length;
  • Radio receiver built-in;
  • Supports up to 100 Remotes, 2 included;
  • User programmable and user erasable remote codes;
  • RF hopping code technology prevents your remote code being accessible to others;
  • Auto-Close Feature;
  • Power Supply: AC 120V;
  • Operating Time: 0 - 44 seconds;
  • For your safety, this model will stop and reverse if is encounters an obstruction on closing and stop when it encounters an obstruction on opening;
  • Manual key release design for emergency purposes;
  • Pedestrian mode;
  • Single Phase Motor;
  • Two years warranty directly from our company.
    • 1(One) Sliding Gate Opener Unit
    • 1(One) Metal Mounting Base
    • 1(One) Set of 20 Ft Chain
    • 1(One) Set of Mounting brackets and bolts
    • 2(Two) Remote Controls (433MHz)
    • 1(One) 8 1/2" x 11” Warning Sign
    • 1(One) Installation and Operating Manual

    Aleko slide gate opener PDf Manual





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